Regular Translation

A translation of any text (eg. a letter, website, business offer) which does not require prior knowledge of terminology in a given field and does not place any special requirements on the translator.

Price: CS -> EN......430 CZK/PG       EN -> CS.....380 CZK/PG

Express Translation

Express translation is a translation of a text of 5 standard pages or less (maximum of 1250 words) with a confirmed delivery on the following day. The additional charge is added on top of the price for the translation of a standard page stated in the price list.

Price: CS -> EN......+100 CZK/PG       EN -> CS.....+100 CZK/PG

Instant Translation

If you are really pressed for time and need the translation delivered as soon as possible, instant translation is the perfect choice for you. This rate applies to a translation of a shorter text (maximum of 2 pages) which will be carried out instantly, i.e. in the shortest possible time (less than 150 minutes). In case of a more extensive text, an individual price and delivery time can be negotiated.

Price: CS -> EN......+250 CZK/PG       EN -> CS.....+250 CZK/PG


Academic Translation

The translation of academic texts requires perfect knowledge of the given discipline and its terminology. In order to facilitate understanding of a given text, the translator has to maintain coherence of the used terms, syntactically structure the text in a readable form and at the same time try to preserve the stylist peculiarities of the text's author.

Price: CS -> EN......500 CZK/PG       EN -> CS.....450 CZK/PG

Legal Translation

Translations of texts of legal nature such as contracts, certificates of compliance, excerpts from various registers etc. have to maintain coherent stylistic layout and properly use legal terminology. The translator must be able to render the message of a given text into the legal system of a target language and thus mediate its essence to the reader in a comprehensible form.

Price: CS -> EN......480 CZK/PG       EN -> CS.....430 CZK/PG


Technical Translation

Technical texts such as user manuals, technical reports as well as software and specialized websites demand a very specific approach to translation. Good knowledge of a given area and its terminology is a must. Localization is much more than a mere conversion of a text into a different language. The final text has to function in the given language system and refer to the objects of the extralinguistic reality in order not to appear unnatural to the reader.

Price: CS -> EN......480 CZK/PG       EN -> CS.....430 CZK/PG



The creation of subtitles requires a very specific approach to language. First of all, the translator has to assure that the reader manages to read the entire subtitle displayed at a given moment. Therefore, he has to muster all his linguistic wits and be as economical with language as possible while attempting to preserve the meaning of the original as much as he can. At the same time, he has to transform the spoken word into written language, which also poses some difficulties. The subtitles can be submitted in all common subtitle formats with time code (.srt, .sub, .sbv, .ass).

Price: CS -> EN......15 CZK/subtitle   EN -> CS.....12 CZK/subtitle



Proofreading consists in a detailed reading and correction of grammatical, syntactic and stylistic mistakes in a given text. In case the proofread text is already a translation, it has to be compared with the original text in order to eliminate any mistakes that may have occurred during the translation.

Price: CS -> EN......200 CZK/PG      EN -> CS.....150 CZK/PG

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