Are you planning a meeting or a videoconference with Czech business partners and you need to make sure that everyone will understand each other without any compromise? Have you invited a Czech-speaking instructor to perform a training of your employees and want to ensure that communication between both of the parties will be problem-free?

If you find yourself in one of the above-mentioned situations or any other event demands that you facilitate communication between a Czech and English speaking party, do not hesitate and hire my interpreting services. When interpreting, be it consecutively or simoultaneously, what is at the forefront of my effort is for both of the parties to understand each other while making sure that as little as possible gets lost in the translation.


1-2 hours....... 1000 CZK/hour

3-4 hours...... 800 CZK/hour

5-8 hours....... 700 CZK/hour

If the site where the interpreting will take place is located outside Prague, the final price of the order will include the travel expenses.

If you are interested in hiring my interpreting services, please do not hesitate to contact me.